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Our Vedic Buddha Flora Natural Incense Sticks have been carefully crafted to capture the essence of ancient Hindu Vedic teachings. These genuine hand rolled Marsala incense sticks are made in the historic city of Jaipur by the Aromatic Incense company. Each stick burns for 20 minutes or more with a rich heady fragrance that will delight you. You can find some awesome holders for your incense in our Incense Holders Range too.

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The Incense of the Gods!

Vedic wisdom or the Vedas is a collection of teachings given by the gods to mankind so that we would know how to live a good life and attain fulfilment.

Buddha Flora – Vedic Natural Incense Sticks: 15g pack (approx 12 incense sticks), Burn time: Approx 20 min per stick. Made in India.

Don’t forget to check out our incense burners in our Incense Holders Range.


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