Upgrade your candle life with our range of Soya wax candles. Soya wax burns cleaner, longer and with less residue. Soya wax is the eco-friendly alternative to Paraffin wax.

  • Concrete Wooden Wick Candles

    Concrete Wooden Wick Candles (7)

    These beautiful and unique Wooden Wick Concrete Candles are a big favourite. They have a natural and raw appearance that gives a light and loving feel. Felt pads have been added to the bottom to prevent the scratching of surfaces. Designed for reusing into your decor once the candle is burned such as for plant pots. Perfect as a Valentine's…
  • Enchanted Glowing Candles

    Enchanted Glowing Candles (6)

    Luxury Scented Enchanted Glowing Candles are the perfect candle gift. They are quite unique, the shell is made from a Natural Wax with a combination of Soya wax and real flowers and can be used after with nightlights as a candle holder.You'll love the scent, quality and eco-friendly alternative to paraffin candles.
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